BOTOX is the most used cosmetic treatment in the United States for the treatment of wrinkles or expression lines. It is a toxin that paralyzes the muscle temporarily in a localized and controlled manner, achieving the correction of hyperkinetic lines (wrinkles), as well as it, also blocks the production of sweat glands, which can prevent excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the face, hands, feet and armpits.

The areas where this toxin is commonly applied by minimally invasive punctures, for the correction of wrinkles, are: forehead lines, eye contour, eyebrows, eyebrow elevation, bunny lines or lines of the upper part of the nose, neck, chin, elevation of the tip of the nose, and correction of the smile, are the most requested.

The effect begins to be noticeable between the second and fifth day of the application, taking up to two weeks to complete the total effect and see the results.

Presenting a variable duration due to the habits and metabolism of each person, between 4 to 9 months.



This type of fillers can be used practically anywhere in the body, to counteract signs of aging, such as to give volume or replace it in areas where the symmetry or regularity of the skin has been lost, like the face, neck, hands, etc.

They can be used to perform facial lifting, cheek augmentation, lip contour augmentation or definition, facial contour redefinition, eyebrow elevation, rhinoplasty or nose modeling, hand rejuvenation, etc.

The effect is immediately, showing improvement gradually over a month; the duration depends on the type of filling, the density of the same, the metabolism and habits of each person, being from 2 to 6 years approximately.

The effects are completely reversible if is necessary.

This is a technique in which a controlled mechanical peeling is performed, using a machine that gently sucks the skin while doing a slight abrasion which removes the dead cells and stimulates the microcirculation.

This procedure promote a cellular activation improving the production of collagen and elastin, helping lymphatic drainage, and as a result the reduction of the diameter of the pores, stimulation of the natural hydration of the skin, firmness, and elasticity as well as, improves fine lines, blemishes, acne scars, elimination of black spots, homogenizing the texture and tone of the skin, leaving the skin clearly healthier.



This is an anthology treatment, since it is done with the patient’s own cells; by obtaining blood samples which go through a centrifugation process in which the plasma is obtained which is the portion of serum in which the proteins and nutrients are found, as well as cells responsible for the regeneration of tissues, this plasma is applied in areas where cellular regeneration is sought in order to counteract the signs of aging, treat scars, stretch marks, firm tissues, treatment of spots, acne, alopecia, etc.

The plasma gel is obtained by a process in which the plasma passes through different temperatures to achieve a consistent gel which can treat deep wrinkles or volume replacement in areas where it has been lost. This procedure is completely safe, without risk of allergic reactions because each patient use their own cells. The application is made with the previous anesthesia of the skin applying a topical anesthetic cream, minimizing discomfort.

The results can be appreciated gradually, from 15 days after the application, being mostly notorious after one month.

In order to achieve important regeneration changes it is important to follow up between 3 to 6 sessions with an intermediate period between two months each one.

Each patient is different therefore the needs of the skin vary depending on the age, habits of cleaning, as well as food and lifestyle in general; an individualized evaluation is always carried out where the products are analyzed for each particular case and then the dermis is cleaned, removing the layer of dead cells, which prevents the skin from absorbing properly. The products or medicines you need for your nutrition. In the cases in which it is required, we proceed to the extraction of the skin impurities, then apply the mask indicated for the problem of the skin either to moisturize, soothe, cell activation, depigmentation, close pores, etc.

The result is observed immediately and following the recommendations properly, the improvement is more than evident after a couple of weeks.

This treatment involves the removal of the first layers of the skin to obtain specific results. Depending on each patient needs is the type of acid used and also the depth of the layers treated.

The procedure consists of the application of a chemical agent at the facial level after cleaning the skin, the average duration of the application is approximately 20 minutes. As a result there is a renewal of the different layers of the skin thus improving its quality, less stains, fine lines, wrinkles and a texture improvement. The peel is indicated for cases of physiological or solar aging and for spots treatment, acne, it also can be used to keep the skin healthy, smooth, luminous and free of impurities.

Performing peels periodically prevents the appearance of all kinds of imperfections.



These are techniques within semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, which are used to define, improve or embellish the profile of the eyebrows. It is an excellent alternative for those people who have eyebrows with little hair, baldness due to excessive hair removal or by some process for which they lost their hair in the area.

With these techniques it is possible to define the shape of the eyebrows, a better symmetry in the look or a more populated eyebrows always looking for the harmony and aesthetics of the look.

With microblanding, the technique consists in making fine lines simulating abundant hair, using sterile and completely disposable micro needles and the use of natural micropigments which are biodegradable.

Micropigmentation with softap technique consists of shading the entire area of the eyebrows simulating powder makeup, this technique frames the look and lasts longer than microblanding.

Both techniques require a touch-up after one month of treatment to fix the pigment and make correction when necessary. The techniques can be combined if the patient so wishes.

The procedure takes between one to two hours, after cleaning and sterilizing the area, as well as the application of topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort.



This treatment consists in the application of carbon dioxide gas at different tissue levels depending on the result sought.

Carboxytherapy is a simple procedure that treat localized adiposity, flaccidity, orange peel, skin irregularities, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, improves cellular oxygenation, which helps the healing of difficult-to-resolve wounds, by injecting gas with small gauge needles.

INTENSE PULSED LIGHT is an innovative treatment, which has different light filters with which you can safely send the pulse of light to specific layers or tissues depending on what you want to treat, for example, acne, treatment of spider veins, facial rejuvenation, lifting and breasts reaffirmation, permanent hair removal for men and women, wrinkles and blemishes.

The application is very safe, effective and fast.



Mesotherapy is called the micro-punctures skin technique with different medications to treat many conditions among which are: adiposity, orange peel, stretch marks, flaccidity, rejuvenation, scars, decreased diameter of pores, etc.

It is a simple, fast and effective treatment if you follow it.

This procedure is a type of mesotherapy with an apparatus that facilitates and controls the depth of micropunctions safely and more quickly covering larger areas and therefore achieving better results.